Chiropractic Treatment

Spine and Joint Manipulation

It is a safe tecnique used to release tension within a spesific joint that restores the function of the joint and improves the mobility thereof. The clicking noise heared is a gas bubble that releases and this helps restore the pressure within the joint that removes inflammation and pain,this then stimulates the healing process.


Massage improves the blood flow to the muscle and reduces muscle aches and pains that is caused by trigger points with in the muscle.

Dry Needling

It is not acuppuncture but the same needles for this technique is used.The needle targets the trigger points within the muscle that causes the symptomes. It gives an instint release in the pain and tension due to the influx of blood that removes all the inflammation and then promotes the healing prosses.

Webster Technique

It is a specialised tecnique used on pregnant moms to restore any disfuction in the pelvic and sacral joints. The benifits of this techniques is as follow: Reduces labour time and delivery,restores posture, restores pelvic balance,reduces pain during pregnancy and promotes fetal well-being.


Check ups after birth, natural and c-sections are benificial to there health.  Skull deformities can be treated with craniosacral therapy to restore the deformity. Colic babies also benefit from Chiropractic treatment.

Sport Injuries and Tapping

Preventitive and maintenance treatment is really important to prevent injuries and also reccuring injuries. All sport injuries are examened and treated.

Treatment and Pricing Description

The treatment for each patient is different and is depended on each patients symptoms and causing factors.

Initial Treatmant

History taking with a physical examination and treatment.

Follow up Treatment

Reassesment and treatment

Massage Sessions 

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Home Visits 

Phone to find out more information (pregnant woman,acute patients that is unable to come to the practice or disabiled patients).


Ranges from R800-R480

Depending on the time spend with the patient,what procedures and treatment protocals were used.

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